Working in the shadow


Was i was a kid, I remember exactly that I used to throw back scholar books and flee to grand parents home at some kilometers to Menzel-Temime, the summer is on and the best times were trying to play the farmer even living 9 out of pink year as an urban prototype for modernity, I just do it with no need of technologic comfortable gadgets.
I used to assist my uncle and grand ma in agricultural activities, I have some pain numbering them so much that they use the whole of my time and my soul, so that I’ve never felt bored, can you belive it ? living in the country with nothing special and feeling always feed with the fun ?
No, I am unable to stay 5 seconds without beeing pressing somthing, playing some kind of “No I don’t like to get bored” or drinking a cafe with aligators spreaded everywhere.
In fact I turned into a mechanical retoric love fopr the dust, and the best of me remaining there on the hills while I’m just getting used more and more on my office’s chair with a huge salary and a direct sight to Palastine avenue… Shit !


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  1. chernobyl2k2 says:

    ya 7asra !!!
    !!! ليت الشباب يعود يوما…
    ce n’est pas encors le temps pour dire ça …يعيش ولدي… ^^

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