Troubadour crash system


Sometimes, I hate some prouncation difficulties as I get stressed or pushed by strength, but the most mystic about me is that other times I am unablke to remember names 😉
Last Meetup I’ve made cool discovery of the person blogging some kind of dream “Troubadour”, I know that I’ve been the old style teacher advising kids about homework, bla bla bla… dont matter.
In fact I have spend 4 days to remember and prounce correctly Trou-ba-Dour, woof !!! how painfull those french names getting straight from the middle ages :

One of a class of 12th-century and 13th-century lyric poets in Southern France, northern Italy, and northern Spain, often of knightly rank, who composed songs about courtly love.

The appropiate defintion should be this :

travelling ballad singer from the Provence region.

Any way, now I can say loudly Trou-ba-dour !

2 Comments Add yours

  1. imed says:

    quand est ce que tu contes me ramener tes jean michel jarre??

  2. Troubadour says:

    l’essentiel c d’y parvenir!:)g le mm probleme quand il s’agit de collectionner les mots pr ecrire un paragraphe en anglais.. alors on est quitte!;)

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