Any given sunday : Salambo Fish meseum


salambo fish mesuem
Last sunday I was up at 7:30 when I used to get up 8:30 the working days, but this time I’m really excited like my first classroom day (I haven’t got back till 14 years !), me and the girl from morocco are going to see some living fishs in the “Salambo fish mesume” (if ever I can translate it that way), we’ve took the 47 from 10th december bus tation and got to salambo some 100 meters and we were there patying the entry tickets of 1 D.T (less than one dollar), the meseume is not that big some 2 floors and about 800 M² with a huge numbers of fihes, birds, sea mamels, this is the only place where you can find linving fishes swinning in peace, no fear from a kitchen holic or a brave fishreman…
Fadwa always complain about the desciption pannels put in front of each auqaruim, she thinks that they could do better and that’s my opinion too, the text isn’t that clear and the carateristics of each fish is about 4 lines : where it lives, the weight, the name, and that’s really not enough.
In fact the mesuem is too cold and that was good as the outside was about 35 °C, so I feelt and Fadwa felt cold : come I have warming abilities 😉
We’ve spend one hour in the bus and two hours in the Salambo fish nest, then we’ve stpeed to the beach looking to the peapole dinving in total fresh mediterrian water, we’ve just talk about the details for the next sunday Hammamet beach day and the famous bikini wearing system ! Stay tunned : Morocco is great !
[Salambo Fish nest gallery]


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  1. Manal says:

    Salut Karim
    Ravie de découvrir ton blog, viens me voir 😉

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