3rd Tunisian Bloggers Meetup


It took place in the cafe Monmarete in the Menzeh 6 yesterday and gatherd 12 Bloggers : the old same stuff Me, Subzeoblue, AquaCool, Evil Drako, Adib, Zizou from Djerba, Chikipi and Adib including 5 new comers : Imed, Troubadour, Marouen ,Diana Magazine and the big Tom.Z.
Getting in the cafe at 19:01 there was noone, and when trying to get off, Marouan have called me back as he have recognized my face (too easy:) and then we’ve locked the right corner in order to reserve some are for the commers, one phonecall from Imed, one minute left Troubadour and Marouen were here who are you ? I am that blogger ! Hello friend sit down, the band is coming then subzero, Evil drako and aquacool took place with us on the tables, the remaining bloggers were coming small by small…
The atmosphere was a kind of a green valley where bloggers are showing their vetgetables and the ways they used to make them grow, evbery blgger told the story of his blogging life : When he have strated and why and what does it mean blogging for him, the classic to say, even obiviously cutten by the unstoppable stories of Adib and Zizou.
There was nothing special this time, just perfect ! with best bloggers ever, the cool speehes ! if you’ve missed the meetup this time it’s that you’ve missed one of the best one and you try to get in the next one.
I was asking myself why do the remaining bloggers don’t come and sit with us atound a cool glass of shweepes tonic ? are you feared to get in the light ? come on don’t be shame, get out and stop playing the parted !
See ya next meetup !


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  1. tom says:

    and me 😦
    no one like me, every body hate me :(((((((

  2. etta says:

    j’adore le coté photo de ton blog…:PP
    une vraie transmission comme je l’aime..
    merci karim

  3. tom says:

    I’m not big ,man !! i’m tom … tom zed ! 😛
    Thanx a lot man 🙂
    Amma lazem nkouwnouha marra o5ra ..
    Hijou lawled hijou ! (heee les filles, tiwinkoum )

  4. Karim says:

    Etta : That’s make me too proud of my blog
    Thanks tom you’re big too big !

  5. etta says:

    ena mafalan…nsit el rv…et el hakk el hakk..je suis pas prête psychologiquemnt :::PPPPPPP…khater ma n7ebech netlansa :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  6. tom says:

    >> Etta
    Waywa 3al tawadhou3 … amma wallah karek jit 😀

  7. Marouen says:

    Yes it was great to meet you with all the other bloggers. And after 2 hours waiting and wondering how can we recognize the bloggers and hoping that the first one to come will be zizou I was very happy to recognize you and to make some logistical preparation.

  8. Karim says:

    Yes, don’t forget that me and Tom.Z were there one day before 🙂 Yes I’m damned !

  9. Karim says:

    stop thta etta i’m turing red 🙂

  10. Eman says:

    Hey Karim, it was great having you again. We missed you a lot in the 2nd meetup 🙂
    Nice pics, I loved them, great work.
    Hope to meet you all again the coming meetup.

  11. chernobyl2k2 says:

    salut karim2k … le dimanche dernier j’étais au CRIPEZ … Mr Jamel m’a dit si j’étais au Meetup avec les blogeurs tunisiens ,et il cru que vous m’avait informer sur ce sujet mais … c’est dommage d’avoir raté cette occasion … alors karim2k2 SVP met d’avance la calendrier des occasions pour que je ne les rate pas encore …

  12. chernobyl2k2 says:

    Pardon … j’ai oublier de passé le salut au bloggueurs TUN ont étaient au MeetUp … chernobyl2k2 vous passe le salut … et … avez vous une place pour un petit chernobyl , ça sera merde de dire non au Chernobyl2k2 … attention c’est dangereux … ;p

  13. MMM says:

    It was great having you with us again in this meetup Karim, and yes it was the best one up to now.
    The meetups are getting better and better, longer and longer, more and more fun everytime.
    Everyone who didn’t come missed it.
    Etta, 7aqqik jeet.
    Tom, we all liked you a lot. I personally can’t wait to meet you again 🙂
    Infinity, Inshallah we’ll meet again the next time you’re in Tunisia. Just let us know when you decide to come.
    Chernobyl, make sure you come to the next meetups 🙂
    Marouen, It was great meeting you. Hope to see you again soon.

  14. Troubadour says:

    As promised, I’m takin a look on your blog:) Really like the photos! Be ready, u’ll have a lot of comments!:)

  15. Karim says:

    Thanks ! that’s great !

  16. Hatem says:

    Coooooooooooool Karim nice picts
    loool wini tassiret Tom ???

  17. Karim says:

    He were shown twice in the photos just guess who is 🙂

  18. Fraise says:

    tayra taswira de ton frere en haut du blog howa wel kattoussssss !! j’adore !!
    voila,je ne savais ou passer mon coup de coeur.. 🙂

  19. Karim says:

    Merci ton coup de coeur tu peux le passer ou tu veuille ici c’est un champ de Maïs 🙂

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