Tunis Cars Fair 2005


Last friday I was in : The yearly Internationnal Tunis Cars fair (aka SIAT 2005), an excellent exposition of tens of cars makers, not that bad, else that we’ve seen the sams cars outside, the classic Peaugeat, Renault, Citroên, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota,.. and thisyear the super giant ford, a remarquable big cars and … two lolitas directly from I don’t knwo where , But I just know the how they dirty dance while the half of peapole were hooked there abused by their wifes (or girlfrinds) watching them.

The fair was awfully crowded and every neede to touch the cars to feel them, some others were enough courageous to ride on the thing, may be a unique chance to get in that kind of cars, in fact I wasn’t alone, I was with the moroccoan girl that I’ve met in the Gothe Institut Party and she did want to ride them all … my godness, I have to take all that in photos…

Finally there were many others classic cars, two or three famous race and many auto indistry stands, It was pretty good some kind of an evenning “I dont’ have nothing yet to do” balld.
I have reuploaded the galler in a public accessible area
[Tunis cars fair 2005]


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  1. chernobyl2k2 says:

    salut karim2k, tu es toujours en plat !!!
    Quelle est ton sentiment quant tu as passé au près de la ferrari … tu n’as pas l’intention de l’acheter une avec l’argent de l’AOL…..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;-p

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