The chirgucal operation was quiet successfull, but the patient died


As posted below about wishing good luck to Hatem in his speech about OpenSouce DBMS, the show was alted some 30 minutes (as usual), the slidshow was excellent, light, well feeded with statics and easy for all levels of knowelege, but when he finished he’s speech, there was no question ! Yes everybody was allright, noone have rised he’s hand to say somthing, noone clapped his hands to show his gratitude on his non-sleep spent night preparing that show…
Don’t care Tom we are all behind you, we know how much your doings won’t affect many peapole, but a seletion of IT applause with a very wide smile.

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  1. tom says:

    Thanx a lot Karim !
    Really, i was chocked, surprised, disappointed about that!
    In few secondes, i thought i’ve done a very bad uncomprhensible blabla chinise speech … anyway !
    Thanx a lot for all how encouraged me to do my best.Hope have another speech to really show what can open source tools do for ITs
    PS : And sorry for the ‘Daftarkhana’ :))))

  2. Imed Chihi says:

    Any chance one can have a link to the presentation. I gave a similar presentation on a very similar event some years back and I had a very similar reaction from the audience.
    That’s called “addressing the wrong audience” šŸ™‚

  3. Karim2k says:

    It’s the same thing verytime and I ensure that the problem is that the real geeks never leave their keyboard for a while.

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