Wish him Good Luck


Our friend Zidi Hatem (Aka Tom.Z) is gonna give a speech around Opensrouce DBMS (Mysql,Postgresql, Sap-DB, …) as a part of 5 others speeshs in the Ghazala Communication pole (northern Ariana), an opensrouce dedicated day, so wish him good luck and if ever you feel yourself light take a tour their and get in touch with the OSS peapole, they are just too cool !


One Comment Add yours

  1. tom says:

    Thanx man !
    Really i need some good wishes ’till i didn’t prepare yet my speech :))))
    Thanx for the annoncement 🙂
    And i join Karim calling you to come assist us convaincing tunisian people to use open-source 🙂
    “Liberer les logiciels” 😉

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