The lords of the Blogs


As we used to know the primary languages used in the sites is english with no doubts, more than 60% of Net is prounced like that,but with the coming of the blogs, we thought that we will preserve that statics as a general truth,False, in fact the most blogging spoken language is far to be english, nor french, nor spanish and either german, it’s illogically persian, yes, peapole from Iran blogs too much as it stands as the best way for expression, more than 65,000 of persian blogs !
Persain bloggers, used to set blogs who counter the repression and the political turmoil, all written in persain, we’ve seen cases of bloggers jailed for their opinions but the numbers of blogs is just going up to the sky.
Well, how averge is arabic in the big jungle of blogs ? about 2% less or more ? I think that we should double our efforts, everybody must blog, and mainly the use of arabic language should not be a challange as it could be by nature, by patiotisme; Throw that culture around you, and you’ll certainlt rip out some bloggers … as I use to do.


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