If I get eaten by a shark…


This is a note to my family: If I ever get eaten by a Great White Shark while spearfishing in False Bay, or Scuba Diving at Pinnacles, or doing anything in the ocean, please do NOT hunt down and kill the shark who ate me. I do not blame this animal for eating me. I was in HIS territory and will need to abide by HIS rules. His genetic rules state he needs to eat me. If I am carrying speared and bleeding fish on a cable behind me in the water of False Bay, I should be suprised on the days I walk out of the water with my legs still attached to my body. Similarly, if I should ever lie in a snake pit, run through the Kruger National Park or drive through North Philly in a Bentley, I do not sanction retribution on my attackers. I put myself in harms way. Thanks.

I like that speech beeing so buddha with nature is an impressive proof of human sensibility, why should we kill an anamil doing things shaping his instinct, it won’t choose, it won’t ask : “Shoud I kill like surfer letting his girlfriend in an ocean of tears …”.
Once a time a kid in Menzel-Temime (Northern Tunisia) was playing with his dog, sudenly the game turned bad the leg of dog smashed the kid’s face borroing he’s left eye thrown to the air, the unfortunate kid has lost that eye for ever after so long medical assistance, the fother after a few days brought the dog outside, and shoot him with a 16mm shotgun. That pet was the family’s guardians for less than a decade, and that boy was his best friend, the kid turned sad about the dog, the fother’s revenge won’t bring his lost eye back.
The conclusion is that we can’t judge animals for their doings, we can’t send them out, we can tie them alone, but we don’t have the right to kill them, you know that snakes are more frighten than human ? they would try to defend their home or just get away with no problem.
[Via warwick blogs too (South Africa)]


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  1. imed says:

    Karim , don’t panic.. si par malheur un requin te rencontre en haute mer (malheur est relatif au requin) il n’aura pas la chance de se suicider avant de te bouffer: car il n’a pas de soda sous-marine pour te faire passer du con !!

  2. mohammad says:


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