Back from Sfax


Last thrusday I was there in the Tunisian south main city, one of the greatet town in the country, some 300 Km tp the south of Tunis.

We’ve been working on the office all the day, the little espace of the lunch time was enough to rediscover the city with our collegue, there’s nothing sepcial special to tell about it, unless it’s a tycpical town, Sfax is an indistrial/trading pole it stands like a economic gate between north and south and Tunisia and Lybia too.

While ballading in the town center after a sfaxian food experience, I’ve met many tricks worth some text as the old city : The media, the old arabic style town encapsulated into wall guarded by gates.

When I’ve seen the building above, I’ve told my collegue that I like arabesque style, but he told me that were build by frecnh occupation ! wow, did they made that to please to peapole there ? maybe.

I’ve also been blazed with this warining system : seeing that car jewelery you’ll certainly think twice before letting your car there, and it’s just a way to prevent peapole get billed… sfaxian parking story

Nothing special about local busses…

This is the most beautiful academic buidling I’ve evr seen, the university of Arts is so cool, I just felt jealous when I rember the “modern” fake stylish buildings in ISET Nabeul.

Finally this bahamassain old Volgswagen car, is so cool indicating the startup of the summer time… who told you that Tunisian lacks imagaination ?

So that’s all folks, next trip Nabeul, more photos coming so don’t blame me beeing busy all the time kids, Pape is getting back soon !


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