Back from Sousse


Yesterday and as described in the planning aboce I was there : in the main city of the sahel (Mid-country coastal region) and it was so so picturesque, meeting sousse again was a flow shiny beachs.
Sousse is some 200 Km to Tunis, with our little kangoo through the highway it took about 2 hours to get there, we’ve gone directly to our office done the jobs, and so while getting back we’ve altered our path, we’ve been going next to the coast getting to El kantaoui then made a little pass from Hergla, then get back to the highway and Tunis was waiting.
The most funny facts to tel are those fours girls swimming alone in a some king of gulf, it was like a private 1 billion star beach, located between El Kantaoui and Jergula that little piece of beach is so cool, if you ever go there don’t miss it !
[Shiny Sousse Gallery]


6 Comments Add yours

  1. imed says:

    sa77a ya moudir ooooy!!

  2. Satchel says:

    Just wanted to know why are you putting the turkish flag on your blog, if you are tunisian?! 🙂
    Here is a recall:

  3. M2K says:

    Je ne suis pas en tunisien pour le moment, mais en voyant ces photos j’aimerais bien venir le plus tôt possible.

  4. M2K says:

    Je ne suis pas en Tunisie pour le moment, mais on aimerais tant y être
    Saha lik

  5. Taraji says:

    C’est fantastic ton blog Karim! Je suis portugais et j’aime la Tunisie comme le Portugal!

  6. Karim says:

    Thanks , all the pleasure is inside 🙂

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