Are we really africains ?


When geographically talking about Afica, we always get that distinction between the north (Tunisia, Algeria, Lybia, Morocco, Moritania,Egypt, Djibouti, Somalia) and the bussaharain countries, other that desert separarion, there is a deep cultural wall, in fact we -north africain- speak arabic, are musulman, and hava a brighter skin, we have a certain economic development and high scholar averge, while the south still in thin progres with many ethnic and language constrates, if we spare south africa, the other black continient is still suffering from wars, poverty, diseases, … but they are holding the core of the africain culture : darker skins, colorfull clothes, africain music (remember Alpha Blondy and Youssr ‘Ndour) even in their books and magazines.
In fact north africa was like a constrated bridge between the green north and the dry south, I have been a roman cologny for centries, then turns in the hands of the arabs coming from the middle east, to get finally its arabico-islamic culture, we are more involved with middle east than with the countries of our continent.
I have always been asking myself How can I really be africain and get proud of it, that’s not a meaningless debate, it’s a big theme of patriotism, Being arabic and muslman are ok, but showing myself as africain is an other type of proudship, when africa is the most old land, when this country got its’ special mixture of colors : we make part of Africa, we are some colors in that human rainbow.
Yes, we are Africain, we mke of that family struggling in fear in a wolrd make of powers holding our breath in constant abuse, we have not so many ressources, but our energy is gonna make a better world.
Viva Tunisie, Viva Africa, tell it to your friend with a wide smile !


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  1. في الحقيقة قضية الهوية ومقوماتها قضية حساسة وحيوية في نفس الوقت لأنها أساس ثقافة التعامل الإجتماعي بين الأفراد. فنحن تونسيين بدرجة أولى ثم مغاربيين ثم أفارقة.

  2. Africa says:

    ok, in the future avoid making the same mistake. You have a pretty good hand at composition but then you’ll have to take heed of some obvious mistakes. Good luck!
    language? Why?
    znd be proud of it
    has its special… au lieu de got
    in a world made…

  3. Hatem says:

    It depend of what do you define by africains ? Africans, Arab, who live in Africa, … If the last one yeah we are Africains !

  4. george bakary hamza says:

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    Considering the unstable political climate in IVORY
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    GEORGE and sister

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