Tunis Books Fair 2005


Tunis books fair foire du livre
Yesterday, I was in, the most big Books related fair in Tunis, the yearly exposition gathers the most of local and arabic books distribution compagnies. This year I’ve felt a better air than past three years, at least there wasn’t about 60 % regilion books, and there was excellent and rare books.
Tunis books fair foire du livre
I was pleased to see libririans that I know, and excellent discounts while other vendors kept unreasonnable offers even outside the fair’s priviliged prices. The calssics and the new titles were there in huge quantities, a large matter of reflexion, a selection of the best books.
Tunis books fair foire du livre
The fair is not that bad, with an expensive cafeteria, the arabic vendors were especially from Middle-east 50 % of them from egypt, one from algeria mant syrians and lebanese, and for my great pleasure an iraqi one (hold under a syrian one). All I can do is that I’ve found this exposition in it’s last one day before it’s end, an excellent ocasion to fill it’s library, the only trick to search with passion, I can just tell you that I’ve got 80 % discount by negociuating with on of the vendors I know, and I’ve bought two books one dealing with photography, the Ither a french novel “Allah Superstar” written by an algerian paris-based journalist, and what’s about you ?


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  1. MMM says:

    I was there yesterday too. I actually met Hashem there 🙂
    I took a pic that looks a lot like the one you took from inside the fair 🙂

  2. Karim says:

    It’s beacausez i’ve taken a coffee in the same cafe …

  3. Global says:

    The best blog!

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