Is Blogging Journalism?


Short answer. No.
It can be, of course.
When journalists blog, when we ask hard questions, dig for facts, and take mistakes seriously, well then yes journalism can happen on a blog.

at Dana Blankenhorn critism about blogging I’ve found myself heating so much that article hurts bloggers, in fact I think that blogging is a kind journalism, even a special kind in it’s own, do you rember those bloggers telling about stories never seen in the media ? for example kelibia Tornado was my best post as it have attracted thounsands of readers when mass medias were unable to report nothing, even the newspapers have stolen the rare torado in action photo, and you want just to ban blogging from journalism ?
There are circonstances were bloggers were the only eyes on events, when iraq was buring only a fist of courage bloggers were unable to tell us things out of the range of the some hidden into bunkers journalists.
How do you do if you were yourself not a journalist and there’s no way to report your seeings ? mail a journalist that will in the better case rediret your precious writing into trash or maybe paste it as his own labour !
Finally I think that blogging is not the journalism, blogging is sub category, it’s not perfect, but it has been proven as efiicient and that’s all !


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