Star Academy 3,4 and 5 coming soon


I was totally sold out when I’ve heard that “Amani” has fallen from the bridge while Tunisie Telecom has doped the votes with 70% fake discounts and TV7 has made a huge coverage of the scene and the ceremony from LBC, seeing peapole -like everytime- roaming in lound prayer of the lost Isis, I’ve seen too much but nothing pleased to me, should I get banned from human supersonic directory ? Or did get more old than those prising a stupid cloned TV program with the pioson inside ?
So let’s give it a logical description:
– What is the star academy ?
A french TV show made up of this late fashion of realistic TV, then infested into that nest of stupidity “LBC”, the chiken inside the box try to survive their auto-silliness and prevent themselves from engaging their mind into something usesfull.
– What do you need to get there ?
Just try to have a look wich is not yours, 100% americain sportswear in the way hiphop lors will thanks you beeing so damned inside as much outside.
– What are they doing along the past months ?
A few 300 calorical moves in a 3-4 metres around, screaming like fools and telling self-stupid jokes.
– Who is watching that rubbish ?
Certainly evry pround arab that think that development strats from singing loudly while the sun rises with all dreams rotten within,and unfortunally My mom, my sisters, the neighboyrs, my collegues, …
– How is the most happiest doll with LBC kids ?
Uncle sam ! sure ! He is watching Star academy too, but not the way you use to do, but in the way he would invest to get billlions, and God(allah) he’s self is pleased to see that he’s matrix is working unbugged ! the ships are geting the promised grass, all the anti-arabs are so exited that they would promote SA twice and make it the national anthem of a nation lost in the lust, drawn back from it’s real roots and given a bag of toys instead.
– Am I crazy telling all that ?
Yes, and foolish too ! But at least I know that a combination of colored clothes, a coulpe of words and a donkiesh voice won’t make me smarter.
Ouuf, that’s long but never still enough, now you’ve saw how much I dare SA you can send me postcards, I sould be taken away from ? ah ok , I’ll let you honey a while, just the time to relax till the third coming of SA.


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  1. nana says:

    tous les marocaines sont trés jolie surtout hanae en premier position puis jihane puis chadia
    et je veus que wadih qu’il soit bien avec elles car detestes les marocaines car toujours il choisie un marocain nominé

  2. nana says:

    hani et mouhamed et l’ajgerien sont les nominés de cette semaine

  3. hey hw r u i love tunis and spacielly wajdi so 10x

  4. MGDOLEN says:

    hi kefk fade ana b7bak ea fade omaya ohany orem ojozef ohana b7bkon mot ofade slmle 3la zezean onataly ok na b7bko jozef mmkn tgnele lo dm3ate 7bob lolo lo sm7t mgdolen mn flsten fade sd 7alak

  5. mgdolen says:

    hi b7baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak fadi omaya ojozaef ohana ohany orem anto bmot feko fade 3ndk msssssssn ao oa7d mnko fade bde nmrt tlefonak ok ohany ojozef omaya mn mgdolen

  6. zineb says:

    salut fadi habibe albi je t’aime beaucoup bahiba ton style vous former un beau couple toi et maya atmana etkounou daymane kida malgres mon amour pour toi ton sms fadi stp ou numero de telephonneok bisous je vous embrasse

  7. Ruru says:

    Hi. I love you fadi an Hani and Maya ..
    I Love star academy .
    I Loooooveee soso Fadi …
    I Loooooveee soso Hani …
    I Loooooveee soso Maya ..

  8. 7abooba says:

    hey r u ??anywayz a7la taheyaa for lebanon ..anD amoot feek ya joesef i really love u ..i hope ur the star dont worry ill vote till the end…Bye Bye

  9. dalia & rawan says:

    i love u soooooooo much .fadi where are u baby? do u still with your girlfriend? please send always for us we cant wait. byeeeeeeeeeeee

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