Meeting the frogs


After a warm Tunisi Blogger Meetup, we’re gone (ma and Adel) taking a look at the boys at home (Hay El Khadhra), we’ve spreaded so many things in the air, when a strange feeling of non planned adventure and as I’ve heard about the frogs academy , we’ve set our sight to the north at 11:30, riding that polo car through Bizerte old highway, before turning right to a village call “New Utique”, at some kilometers to Tunis (about 45), the exit of the village will place you in a so funny picturesque payasage : a road of couple kilometers standing between a low watred lake.
In those places you should hear nothing as the night was the queen of all the scenes, but that was totally false we were trapped into a frogs nest, all you hear is coming out male frogs calling for fiesta, relax back, close your eyes and just hear them synchronising a foolish melody drawn in the darkness of the night, mmmm, what a harmony, what a pleasure, should I check to kiss one of them so I could free a princess from sorcelery ?
An audibale sample of the frogs orchestra


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