Fear as a defining American characterstic


As quoted from petrilli’s blog :

“Whatever it be, we seem to be defined by our constant state of fear. Fear of terrorism, fear of disease, fear of crime, fear of … whatever. The TV stations blare the latest warnings and mindless prattle about how we’re all going to die because of some dangerous plastic toy.”

And that was the first part of “Bownling for Columbine” directed by Micheal Moore when he shown that americain history is based on a constant fear need, it’s not just a feeling but an obsession, the empire is powered always with douts, even with mass destruction weapons a CIA eye evrywhere, hundreds of satellites spotting the globe, Americains that no confidence in the world …
Socially, the fear makes peapole live in communities and make couples give children ; in fact it’s a basic human feeling that would fake security, you know that behind 9/11 there are many signs all linked with scaring obsessions it would promote social life and output more births …
Finaly I won’t hurt any americain telling that they are impressionnally cowards because they have all the tops of the tops, and fear is just an other component of the “Made in USA” big “choeuf d’oeuvre”.


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