Drink Party 10 : Imed’s happy birthday


As het got 26, he deserved more than a tomatoe cake, the boys were there a fist of 14 friends all inflammed by the appetite of the encouter, raoued (some 25 kilometres to Tunis by the north) was the perfect platform for such heat and as we get all the data in place, the fiesta was just getting turning in blue level.

Imed’s birthday was just an other foolish super sonic highway race, where beer gathered with Boukha have an effect of social consolidation, drinks for everyone !! cheese chicken and more covering the both table surrounded by the some 13 chairs.

It wasn’t mad but enough cool, everytime we meet old date friends we just feel younger, as Imed is just feeling older, maybe he’s crisis of youth energy loss is getting just developping an other Imed, who knows ?
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2 Comments Add yours

  1. EviL DraKo says:

    ma7leha il bal3a 🙂

  2. imed en personne says:

    Karim stp une copie de tous les fotos sur CD.. Merci a++

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