Ash’s 3310 getting the right microprocessor


We are never sattissfied with what we have, a mobile phone is one of the gadgets with a fast inspirtion of boring technoise, that’s why Ash (the half naked scout getting a rest after climing a 500 Meters moutains) have doped he’s blue thing with a Intel Pentuim 4 with 3 GHZ inside. Just engough to make the monophic rings get loaded faster, routing the network signal with security in mind, making the mobile get lighter (from 100 Gr to less than 78 Gr), that’s cool and the most impressive in all the story the ability to resolve sql queriues such as 4+6 or 11-8 !
Ash is willing to add a Georce FX5900 graphic card in order to get all the monchromatic coloros alive, and may be the keys 3 dimensionnal !


4 Comments Add yours

  1. seif says:

    je croix q’un bon firewalll devrait aussi y etre , non??

  2. Riadh says:

    Intel inside the phone. Stupid outside it.
    I do like your pictures, I have been following your comments and pictures and I find that just by doing that i am connected to Tunis.
    All the love and respect.

  3. Karim says:

    Thanks riadh , welcome home !

  4. Karim says:

    Thanks riadh , welcome home !

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