A band of Gypsys


A band of Gypsys
“..Wow seems like they are broadcatsing Jimi hendrix in the Avenue…!!!”, We awere rifing a taxi as I’ve invited Ash, Imed and Adel to take a look to the last ashes of the Medetrrian Guitar Festival, but ou thought were totally false ! the music that we’ve previsiouly heard some seconds in the taxi was in fact a life band playing with the blood shaking so loud in theit bodies.
“A band of Gypsys” is their name, and they are from El Marsa, they’ve played a wide range of Jimi songs all were given with a perfect and professionla countour, we were present at the Jimi ressurection in Tunis ! It’s totally cool !
In fact, we are gaining more and more interestant rock groups in Tunisia, that are more than a simple playback band or a fashion temporary kids actions. So if someone reading my blog able to provide me with others bands name and photos, I would be very thankfull and I’ll guaranty a cool post.
N.B: Photos taken with Adel’s cam.


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  1. Blogeuse says:

    I know the guy on the picture : Mohamed ben Said, nice guy !
    Good luck !!

  2. Mohamed says:

    helloo! im Mohamed ! i m very touched but what you say under our band’s picture!!!! we play songs of jimi hendrix since we have 17 .. i m practicing trumpet now because i love jazz , but when we give a live show like in this picture , we play the Jimi Hendrix ‘ songs !!
    thank you again !!! bye!!

  3. hedi says:

    I’m very happy to see this picture. I introduce my self: i’m Hédi, i played bass with “A Band of gypsys” for 4 years.
    Now i’m in France for a university studies and i can’t forget the “A Band of gypsys’ trip”!!!!!
    They are my bolsom friends.
    Personnal N.B: Represent Toutou and big up everybody!!!!.

  4. Karim says:

    Nice to see you man can you tell us more about the band ?

  5. momo says:

    Hi Karim ! it s Mohamed BEn Said , ( from the group of A BAnd of Gypsys.
    This is my email : momooo83@hotmail.com
    i can tell you more about it if you want ( the band) !

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