Microsoft Open Days 2nd edition – Tunis


Yesterday I was there in the second MS open days that have taken place in El Mechtel Hotel (5 stars) to get in the seminars the hold back the same MS burger : SQL server, Security, .NET, SOA, …
The presentations were aboarded in five categories : Dev (developpment), Col (collaboration), MSB (Business), INFRA (infrastructure), DB (database), them selves compiled in five diffrenets areas of the Hotel.
I got the chance to get to Anis’s Chebbi demo in wich he was supposed to simplify the SOA (service Oriented Architecture) and as ANis was know to be the Tunisia MS piooner, I did wait for something special, but I was partly confused, first the demo was too long and complicated as the sample (43 services , hundreds of calsses, and millions of coe lines), secondly the participants themselves were some kind of zombies, I rember that of of them was laready dreaming (sleeping like a bear) when I’ve got to my place.
The launch was aufull, really pathetic, we were served as if they wish we don’t ask to eat, I don’t know what’s wrong with that luxury hotel !
Finally, the things haven’t worked yet for that seminar (It was a total waste of money), the MS Tunis leader are those who know how to bill, never to show their marchandise.
Oh, before I forget, I’ve met meher, and Naoufel (klibia) an old school friend.
[Tunis MS opne Days Gallery]


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