My tech life


As many know, I’m earing my life from coumputer, in fact those machines have always been my devotion, in the lucky early 88, I have been training in a Youth House in Akouda with three excellent models wich were : MSX 170, Commodore 64 and the famous Amstrad CPC 664, I have been really lucky to taste so fine quality computers at the same time, that was the statup of love story getting warm and warm through the days, then I’ve moved to Zaghouan in the summer of 90 (sounds like summer of 69), where I’ve found better are for practice wich were one of the first PCs manufactured from Amstrated itself, with a 8086 processor and some 640 Bytes as mermory and two Double density floppy drives, for more than 4 years I’ve been living in joy with those funny machines, when in 94 I have moved again to Korba, when I’ve met my ever best tech freinds wich were Kamel, Selmen, Yassine, Yosri, Mhenni, … some kind of keyboard beasts and as programming was the respectfull activity I’ve been inserted again in the mindfield whoing my modest skills…
After getting my baccalaureate, I’ve chosen to make put my hobby in the same path of professionnel engagments, I’ve signed in the ISET in Nabeul and got 3 years of studies outputting a diploma, six months later (2001) I’ve been employed at the CPF as a programmer, …
My carrer haven’t started from scratch it has been deploying small pieces of love and some knowelege, today Iam the most happy man in the world getting both hoppy and work at the same time and place ! So what’s up with you ?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. sousou says:

    bissaraha mahlek ethabel
    enty 3ajebny barcha
    ena enhebek barcha
    etwaly sa7by ??????

  2. khaled says:

    كريم انت صديق لكنك لست صديق حقيقي لانك تخلف الوعود

  3. ali says:

    ama inti dhahar fik blid!!!!!!

  4. Emna says:

    wa33 malla bo gosse :))
    7liltou il far5 !!

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