Tunisia : Japanese Film Festival


The Tunisian national cultural committee and the Japanese embassy are organizing the the Japanese film festival from March 7 to 12 in Ibn Khaldoun Hall.
Six films are on the programme. The opening of the festival yesterday was highlighted by the famous movie “ Hana Bi” directed by Takeshi Kitano, which won gold lion in Venice film festival.
On the programme:
– Tuesday 8 mars 15h00 & 18h00 : Pale hand of Seijiro Koyama (1990)
– Wednesday 9 mars 15h00 & 18h00 : The Big Abduction of Rainbow (1991) by Kihashio Kamoto
– Thursday 10 mars 15h00 & 18h00 : My 24 eyes (1987) by Yoshitaka Asama
– Friday 11 mars 15h00 & 18h00 : the Time Summer Vacation (1994) by Sokaneko
– Saturday 12 mars 15h00 & 18h00 : Nice Snow (1986) by Ichikawa Kon.
Via [BaB-Net]


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