the great divide


The story tells about kids gone to the university, by the way they have linked hearts and souls around a friendship that should dwell, the story tells about the pina they got while studying and how couragous, generous and lovely they were in that constellation of misery. Then they moved from Nabeul to Tunis getting their jobs and settling down in Hay el Khdhra small by small…
After I have moved to Lafayette, I’ve left behind an anxious twins : Anis and Khaled versus Imed and Ash, Vandamme standing in the thin bridge that still makes the communication, the Home is not no more calm, and the snakish sounds and the smell of pouder is getting loud and clear, it’s time for “The great Divide”.
Anis and Khaled has moved to a cool new house with all necessary luxury needs, good luck boys !
Ash and Imed has moved some 500 meters from our so old far house to a little studio in the 3th floor that would fits their stylish bedroom supersonic dreams… Good luck boys !
I’m still here ! Don’t forget that, and as said Freddy Mercury : “Frinds will be always frinds !”


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Zied says:

    you almost made me cry! hope they like their new homes!

  2. imed says:

    One of these days i’ll cut in little pieces..

  3. direct tv says:

    fine weblog you have here

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