Under a shiny sun : Wadid could release his smile


Yesterday, riding the red sexy FIAT puinto of my collegue ANis, we’ve gone to the ENIT, just to take a look to the most vulnerable dinosaur from El Kef : the young married jerk was ther standing in his desk, calasing his maind with a 17″ monitor.
He wasn’t surprised to see coming asking if really he still exist :
– No Selmen was here yesterday !
– Cool !
– How are you ?
– Fine !
– What are the best tricks to make my network goes high 🙂
– Cote d’or chocolate 🙂
– thanks , bye
– bye
The man was there with all his gratitude to the life, unless he’ll dwell in that Campus, Wadid (aka known as E.T.) is nailed to the groung of the ENIT High school.
In fact I would like to ask myself questions : Beeing a mustang makes me feel no wonder, no pain, … Is this my best social appearance ?
And you what do you think ?
N.B : He is becoming more and more fat !

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