Ok meals check goes bewery discount


Every month we get a meal check set as a service from our office, and every month “Ok restaurent” insert within the meals tickets some adverstissment and discounts, this month : the new revelation !
As you can notive there are six discount copouns in the “45 Brasserie” located in “The white House Hotel”, nothing dude, for every beer you swallow you’ll get discounted by 10 % and that’s great ! Thanks Ok restaurent ! next time we would like real beer sample in the tickets please !
By the way I’m calling the Drink Party consorcuim if they would like to taste some bee there ?
Oh, there also a litlle SMS ad in the vrso of the ticket set, and that’s also funny, and this a waring to my freinds Moez and Rafik, move you ass or you’ll get burned !


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