The Unlucky Traffic signalisation

Oh dmaned, in the main aim of the “passage” metro station, you should see that Traffic signalisation tied to the ground ! a Pityless truck or bus (no witness availabel) has made the usefull traffic signalisation out of use, and you that place is damned with furious cars ! so …
Trevor Has already given the most complete explanation
The hole that rockets the cradle
Trevor on 2005/2/22 @ 11:28 · ‹‹ Work and the drinking man ‹‹ ›› Out-of-town flat/house sought ››
Karim has published an interesting photo illustrating the latest advances in Tunisian motoring technology. Cars are to be fired vertically from secret underground silos in midtown locations; airborne, their trajectories will be managed using GPS. Plans for 2006 include roll-up-and-down of the product to the baby’s pram and market trader segments.


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