Athlon Beer box cooling system

100% level of the cooling liquid
You gotta taste some beer to make yourself go wild, that’s a general truth, you can use been for reverse engeeniring for diet, and that works, so what about your hot Athlon (AMD users knows that), the market cooling system don’t give the wanted tunning for a processor that get heaten fast and twice.
all coolant is gone :-(
Conclusions: with the current state of the computer industry, unfortunately, beer cannot be used as the ultimate cooling solution due to the very rapid rate of the coolant depletion.However, we are optimistic that if the brewing industry could finally agree on the Beer-over-IP standard (for instance RFC5150) this cooling solution would be more realistic.
And so, the beer indistry could guaranty a well cooled AMD machine, this could be interstant for Anis, Meher and Rafik, and I could be very usesfull in this field (as a beer expert).
[Original tip at Ranish’s site]


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  1. Trevor says:

    That´s something that might work in England, where it´s cold and they like warm beer, but in Tunisia…

  2. Karim says:

    Hey there in Tunisia we have cold beer too ! Just take a little search with “drink” in my blog and you’ll get my answer clearly figured out.

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