Any given sunday : Sharing my borther’s anxiety

Last week-end as usual, I’ve been at home (Zaghouan) to share some warmness in that so funny familty, but this sunday morining I’ve noticed my brother’s sadness and a big deception and doubt in he’s eyes, a reflection of real anxiety, so I’ve tried to deal with that matter as a big brothers should (no user manual reading!).
I have almost tried to offer my litle brother some support, lexically I don’t have to use many words, or philosophical defintions just some few words that “Khaled” should understand, and some ground play :
I’ve succed to enter in communication in he’s deep thoughts, to see that he’s anxiety is just about football : He haven’t been chosen in the local football team, while the competition at its maximum pressure, he wasn’t allowed to keep on training, … I have been able to know the name of he’s girlfriend “Nawress”, yes my little brother got one, and she’s blod, blue eyes as bonus : “Shame on me”, that’s the new Linkin park / Limp Bizkit generation.


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