a lack of islamic knowelege

I have accidently ancountred a blog, where the defintion of the islam is completely false, false till it seems budhism or somthing like ! I have automatically comented and given the right informations, still angry I don’t know how did they get this vision about the Islam, in a certain way it would be our fault, the mediatisation of the holy religion is unsuffiecient and hoocked into a narrow circle of those who don’t hate arabs till death !
the day the new mooslim girl came to class mrs clark intoduced her and asked the class if we knew anything about the mooslim religion. i know a lot about false religions, so I informed the class that mooslims are a brown race from mooslim country who worship an elefant god named ganisha. they dont celebrate christmas like normal people, there equivalent is called ramada inn, and their jesus is called ibraham. the only ways to get into mooslim heaven are to either kill a virgin or blow yourself up.
[my new mooslim friend]


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  1. Donncha says:

    Hi Karim2k – sorry if I offended you but I’m 100% certain that the article I linked to was written in jest and to poke fun at those that don’t understand “anyone who isn’t white and Christian” or something like that. I can send you on the text of the article if you want it, the site is down but I have the article here..

  2. Karim says:

    Yes, I’ve alreay noticed that fact, but even as a joke it could harm our souls, and that’s a real pleasure to see that you know how faulty it were about Islma, it could just an invitation for my friend to try to mediatise the voice of uour religio. I thank you very much for you cooperation.

  3. Imed Chihi says:

    I think we are making too much fuss about an “article” written by an 11-year old school girl!
    I think that’s a perfect article that shows the innocent view of a young kid. It’s so sad to discover that the image is terribly distorted šŸ˜¦
    I remember when I was that age, my image about Christians and Jews was that they were “nearly muslims, but not quite”. It appears like the Tunisian curriculum is intentionally avoiding “embarrasing history” like the Crusades, Palestine, the massacre of Indians, the Nazis, the Inquisition and such probably to avoid the young minds to have a negative image about the West.

  4. anna says:

    i fell into this rabbit hole by chance and had to laugh – picking up the truth about other people’s religions is as difficult or simple as picking up the truth about our own. And humor surely helps. i remember clearly the earliest representatives of the different faiths i encountered in my life, and the true ones were always the kind ones. especially as a kid this is the case and where open-minded enquiry is accepted as a perquisite to knowledge, even the most absurd realities are educational, not because they confirm what is right, but because they show up what is wrong so starkly.

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