Chinese new year

2005’s Chinese New Year Celebrations will be held on Sunday February 13, this is the year of the rooster, the celebrations would be really interstant and colorfull as we know chinese traditions.
I am just asking myself if ever Tunisian chiniese community will locally (Tunisia) celebrate and where, I would certainly take a look.


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  1. adel says:

    donnu.. but tomorow will be the hidjri new year here karim! dont u froget it :p

  2. Yaj says:

    GONG XI FA CHAI! for all of you

  3. chernobyl2k2 says:

    tooko soki lakanori moutoraka fatabila…
    c’est bonne année 1462 HIJRI en Chinois!!!

  4. chernobyl2k2 says:

    focaliser les lumières un peu sur notre fête de la nouvelle 1426 Hijri…

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