Yesterday’s earthquake

“Have you felt a little shake at 9 and 10 by night ?” this is was the first stpry disucussed early today at work, “No, I’ve felt nothing I was a little drunk .. mmm yes it could be possible, anyway I felt some tsunami in my head ;)”
It has been located at Hammaet at 17 and at Korba (is kamel still alive ?) at 21 of the last monday January 8, most of lafayette inhabitants have felt the 4,7 earthquake : the inhabitants of the building above the “Monoprix” have left their homes in fear for a while, but it was too heay to get mentionned, the radio have already talk about. The story is nothing special, there was no goods or lives losts, nothing special to mention, and even no photos (feel jobless these days …)
God Bless Tunisia !


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  1. Trevor says:

    We had one a few days back at 9 in the morning, but since I only got to bed at 8 it didn’t cause any great worries ;o)

  2. cute twinks says:

    Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.

  3. mahendra says:

    yesterday earthqwake was very horrible.atleast 30000 peoples died in pakistan & 900 are from india

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