Rundom is back online again !

Woof ! after a tragic week with a breathless race, houssein had restored the data of the main blogs ! Hoorah all my posts are alive, my blog is back ! I ma back to live thanks man, keep rolling !
They actualy found the data! OUF! I was desperate, and somehow
depressed about the idea of losing it all, as you may have been these
last days.
This is one of the last messages I received from they guy who was
saying that my account has been hacked:
“Houssein, I’ve made a huge mistake. It appears we have all of your
information in tact. I am restoring the files to the new server at this
time. It could take some time however, as there is a lot of information to
transfer over. =)
Until now, it seems that all files were fully restored. The MT database too.
I am still waiting for other databases, my blog’s one and Rebelle’s one.
You can sleep now 😉


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