Abou gharib judgment day

Abuser of the unlucky iraqi prionners are getting sentenced these days, and the’ll get puniseh, that’s really justice and really justified by their unhuman actions of the last november.
I know that americain justice have no borders, that’s sure when a president could get a trial for a crime, that’s a proof of concpet of a juridic sustem that never fails, in fact that’s the top of the democracy.
But, without beeing so nerd, all these happening were in fact not because of a hand of soldiers getting busy with their loved toys doing bad with innocents or “carpet sellers” -as they call them- because every man is responseable of his own doings without throwing the paiting to others.
The real reason of all that is certainly the prejudice, americains have iraqis they were swallowing hate with years of conflicts, and if you cross an americain and tell him what does he think about saddam’s country, he’ll certainly wishs if rambos could blow’em up and “god bless america”.
Why does americains thinks so ? mass media -such as CNN- has told them to be so !
In history, there was no conflicts with iraq till the 90s, when america has classified saddams as “world menace”, only some few years, some bundled news, and an extra movies threaded were able to innovate a new americain ennemy ! URSS is not so funny as that, and rayban boys needs some action, so let’s check for a new ennemy : carpets sellers don’t like hamburger, let’s go there and get some hunt !
The reciepient holding the crisis poison is gonna explose, while americain hates arabs natively, we don’t find any way to understand why we are shot as terrorits ? anyway I loce amercia with it’s cool towns, tech, and cinema … this loce is always asoociated with the bitterness in my mouth …


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