Sid Ali Azzouz

Sidi Ali Azzouz
The heart of Zaghouan is not just a flow of water that runs thruogh aqueducts, or the green moutains making the city’s cover, but this great treasure of anadalousian architecture : “Sidi Ali Azzouz Site”.
The history tells about a saint man that arrived to Zaghouan when spanish forces has fired all musulmans from Andalousia, and then he made his mind to settle in that moutainious town called “Zaghouan”.
“Zica” by it’s romanian name attracted many andalousian refugees from the lost paradise, Ali Azzouz was born in 1040 and left in 1122, he’s most great works were the building that he’s spend years and years designing an andoulousian house ,mosque and school, the architectural treasure that stands is the most high hill of the old zaghouan city demonstrates a balzing art that can’t belongs to the country, but to a disappered empire.
The buildings are grouping : the house of the saint, a school for “Al Koran” and other sciences, and a mosque all designed with a lot of colors and the omni signature of water flows.
As I don’t have much informations, I’ll let you explore yourself that immense collection of photos. Further details are coming soon.
[Sidi Ali Azzouz Gallery]
[Sidi Ali Azzouz Show]

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  1. Aikanaro says:

    Most of us know this place from sulameya (spiritual kind of music in tunisia for those who don’t know it) and the very famous song sidi ali azzouz, and really nice gallery !!
    el hassilou el chay lellah sidi abdelkarim :p

  2. azzouz abdelmoumen says:

    je voudrais savoirplusde sidiali azzouz.

  3. Mohamed Salim Azzouz says:

    Great job about Sidi Ali Azzouz, Karim. I like the pictures and the comments. I was screening Google looking for information about my ancestor Sidi Ali Azzouz when your blog poped up. I was really pleased and impressed.
    I know that my family kept some “parchemins” possibly written by Sidi Ali Azzouz or his descendents. I know also that the family conserved some of his artifacts.
    Sidi Ali Azzouz imported with him in Tunisia many agricultural techniques inherited from his Andalusian background. He traveled all over the country teaching people these new techniques. That is why you can find many “Zaouias” all over the country labeled with his name, including the one in Tunis.
    Right now, I am far away from Tunisia doing a PhD in engineering mechanics in the US. I would like to know more about Sidi Ali Azzouz. Further comments, references, pictures, or books, will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you again Karim and congratulations for the great job.
    Mohamed Salim Azzouz

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