Genicom giant printer

The dot printers (that uses ribbon cartridge) are the most efficient in a production environnment : other that cutting costs, they are fast when your reports are about text output, their poppularity in banks -while laser technology is so cheap- gives a shaped idea about such so old technolody is far to be dead.
Last week I have tried to got working this old and giant printer, despite the dot technology, it prints line per line wich makes the printing process go furious it’s even faster than any laser printer I’ve seen beforte !
I haven’t got too much pain to find the driver as the genicom’s site offers them easily, the hard work was to configure the printer itself.
The Genicom 4440 XT “Alis” supports arabic and other complex scripts, works as an IBM ProPrinter III as emulation, and other features really suprising the 9 years old machine, the most exciting about “Alis” is that it have 10 buttons down the cover, when there’s no LCD screen the printer offer a menu that is instantly printed so you can select a choice of 10, you type on the choice an other menu is printed going to the sub functions : really amazing when starting communicating with that thing with the only way buttons and printed menu and instructions !
I think that I’ve fallen in love with that machine 😉 and you ?


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  1. Aikanaro says:

    Ahawka esta7fedh 3liha, hadhi akher impirmante enjibhalek 😛

  2. Karim says:

    Don’t worry I’ll take care of my new girlfriend !

  3. nadir says:

    j’un probleme avec alis 4440 xt(comment ça marche ) s.v.p aider moi

  4. Karim says:

    please contact me via mail (karim2k at

  5. adel fuad says:

    dear sir we need aspare parts for the printer model alis 4440 would you please to send for us an in formation how we can get it and by the way we are in syria!

  6. mohammad rihawi says:

    Edlib City Water Supply & Sewerage Establishment needs original ribbons for Alis 4440 xt printer,
    if they are available, pleas send to us an information about how we can buy them.

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