Stella : Made for the loonely souls

As said below I have moved to a new house, now I’ve started setting my special personel habits such as reading, cooking and … drinking my favortite stella beer as long as it’s so light and saves my economic failure.
Stella beer is a big bottle of 75 cl. of pure tunisian brewing, too light for the celtia super brain attack, but just enough to taste a real cool beer on your table.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hachem says:

    ya wildi sa7tek :p

  2. miss.lezard says:

    actually the celtia super power seems to be an extra bladder attack (“drink a mouthfull pee a liter” would be the best ad for celtia)

  3. imed says:

    tchin !!

  4. sousou says:

    wallahi 3ib 3alik ya rajel

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