Moved to a new house

I have recently moved from my old home in “Hay El Khadhra” -where I have resided for more than a year”- to new home located in “Lafaeyette” the heart of Tunis, as well as it’s next to my work, I can see my home direclty though the windowd of the office.
My room is still under heavy management, the view off the window gives to a wide courtyard, nothing special.
I have already arranged my books and othr stuff in this wall cupboard, so I have more space and get easy access to my goods, while the woody wall cupboard is devoted now for the clothes.
My empire of CDs is still waiting for a long organanisation as I must rearrange them according to their content : OSs, Games, Docs, … a real hardwork is in my TODO list !


3 Comments Add yours

  1. ASH says:

    tu me manques déja…….

  2. Marouen says:

    Nice pics and I think nice location !
    Good luck on your new house !

  3. chernobyl2k2 says:

    I wishe u a nice time on your new house

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