Stop capterpillar

Tell Caterpillar dealers to stop selling to Israel and to support an investigation into Israel’s use of Caterpillar’s equipment.
This is the frontpage sentence of a site dedicated to the capterpillar equipement devoted to destroy palaistinian homes.
A number of factors have brought diverse groups together to hold Caterpillar responsible for its sales to the Israeli Army.
* Corporate Responsibility. Corporate responsibility is a topic of public debate and corporations are more sensitive than ever before to the appearance of fairness. The topics of ethics and Enron, fairness in international deal-making and Bechtel, fair treatment of the poor and AIDS drug manufacturers are much in the news.
* Media Attention to Destructive Use of Caterpillar Bulldozers. Rachel Corrie’s death brought unprecedented attention to the IDF’s use of bulldozers to destroy Palestinian homes, property, and lives. Also, the Roadmap process has put Middle East peace back on the radar screens of many Americans, and made it even more important for us to counter US media and governmental bias.
* US Government Purchase of Caterpillar Bulldozers. US taxpayers, not the Israeli government directly, are paying Caterpillar for these bulldozers. The funds to buy the bulldozers comes from the US government. The US government is actually buying this equipment in violation of US law — the US Arms Export Control Act forbids the US government from selling weapons to governments that it knows will use those weapons to abuse human rights. These bulldozers are retrofitted specifically for the purpose of conducting illegal acts.

[Stop destroying Homes]

Caterpillar’s official website
Correspondence with Caterpillar
* Bulldozers sold as weapons, not as construction equipment.
Letter from CAT CEO Jim Owens, August 22, 2003.
* Caterpillar considers the case closed after 4% of shareholders vote to investigate sales to Israel.
Letter from CAT CEO Jim Owens, April 19, 2004
Caterpillar’s Official Website
Caterpillar and Social Responsibility
The social dimension of social responsibility addresses Caterpillar’s impacts on the social systems in which we work and live.
Caterpillar accepts the responsibilities of global citizenship. Wherever we conduct business or invest our resources around the world, we know that our commitment to financial success must also take into account social priorities.
Middle East
Caterpillar shares the world’s concern over unrest in the Middle East and we certainly have compassion for all those affected by the political strife.
However, more than two million Caterpillar machines and engines are at work in virtually every country and region of the world each day. We have neither the legal right nor the means to police individual use of that equipment.
We believe any comments on political conflict in the region are best left to our governmental leaders who have the ability to impact action and advance the peace process.
Read full statement from Caterpillar’s website.
Bulldozers sold as weapons, not as construction equipment.
Letter from CAT CEO Jim Owens, August 22, 2003
August 22, 2003
Ms. [changed from Mr.] Liat Weingart
Jewish Voice for Peace
1611 Telegraph Avenue Suite 500
Oakland, CA 94612
Dear Ms. [changed from Mr.] Weingart:
Thank you for your recent letter (undated), which was addressed to our Director, Peter Magowan, and sent to our corporate headquarters. On behalf of the company, this letter addresses some of your concerns.
Along with our Board of Directors, we share your concern over unrest in the Middle East and grieve the countless innocent victims on both sides of this conflict. Our greatest hope is that the road map for peace recently outlined for the region will successfully bring an end to the violence and the advent of rebuilding both relationships and cities.
A global company like Caterpillar touches nearly every country and corner of the world, including the Middle East. With more than two million machines and engines at work each day, however, we have neither the legal right nor the ability to monitor and police individual use of that equipment.
As I’m sure you understand, as a private company, we do not set foreign policy, nor are we legally allowed to create a policy of our own. Rather, we fully abide by the laws, policies and direction set forth by the United States and local governments. We take pride in our reputation for integrity and work closely with the Bureau of Export Administration and the Office of Foreign Assets Control to ensure compliance in all the work we do.
With regard to Israel, sales between Caterpillar and the U.S. government are openly conducted through the U.S. Foreign Military Sales Program. Created under the Camp David Accord, the Foreign Military Sales Program allocates funds to be used by foreign militaries in the purchase of American-made commercial products, of which Caterpillar products are included.
Again, we share your aspiration for a peaceful resolution and sympathize with the innocent victims on both sides affected by this strife. As we move toward (hopefully) an end to the violence, we believe any comments on foreign policy or actions needed in the region are best left to our governmental leaders who have the ability to impact action and advance the peace process.
James W. Owens
CAT Says the Case is Closed
Letter from CAT CEO Jim Owens, April 19, 2004
James W. Owens
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
April 19, 2004
Mr. Kevin M. Clark
International Solidarity Movement
Chicago, IL 60622
Dear Mr. Clark:
Thank you for the letter which you delivered at the Annual Meeting of Stockholders, and for your thoughtful and respectful remarks during the meeting. I appreciated the opportunity to hear, consider and respond to your thoughts as well as those of Ms. Weingart, Ms. Brodersen and Srs. McGivern and Heinonen. Your presentations were articulate and clear. All who attended – including the Executive Officers and Board of Directors – were impressed with your sincerity and conviction.
We share your compassion for families that have suffered loss of life throughout the Middle East. Nevertheless, the fact remains that with more than two million of our machines and engines in use throughout the world, we simply do not have the practical ability or legal right to determine how our products are used after they are sold. We stand by the position outlined in our Proxy statement and supported by 96 percent of our shareholders.
While I appreciate your offer to arrange a meeting with me on April 23, 2004, to discuss this issue further, I feel we have seen this issue to its conclusion and we respectfully decline.
James W. Owens
d ls
Caterpillar Inc.100 N.E. Adams Street, Peoria, IL 61629-7210 Telephone (309) 675-1331 Fax (309) 675-6171E-mail,

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