Lada in Tunisia ?

lada tunisia tunisie
Some rumors are reporting that Lada gonna ship a new model of its cars in the market then next few months, the price is predicted to be around 8 000 TND (~6 800 $), nothing is official, but here in Tunisia -the small country (10 Millions inhabitants)- , rumors use to be in 70% of cases works as general truth, so we’ll be waiting…
N.B : This is not an official announcment, nor the author, nor the compagny are responsible for anything, the information is given as it is.


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  1. imed says:

    Karim nous sommes 10 millions de putains de tunisiens, 10 pas 8

  2. Sifou says:

    Well, my father owned a Lada back in the early 90s for kicks lol
    On a more serious note, this car is plain CRAP! I’d rather go for a used French car just like any one else back home, than using this grave-on-wheels.
    Lada isn’t a reliable car whatsoever.

  3. Black Girls says:

    dead on post – great blog

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