Synphonic Concerto in Tunis

Tunis Symphonic Concerto
Thanks to selmen for both photos and informations
The last Tuesday 12/09/2004 has taken place in the Natinal Theatre of the big avenue a symphonic concerto performed by the famous (and the unique) “Tunisian National Symphonic Group” directed by the maestro M. ISSA Nawfell, a planty of vivaldi and beethoven were in the main plays, but tunisian symphonies were also in the menu.
As Selmen reported, most of the public were present as an encouragment for their realtives and friends, he mentionned also that the most beautiful play were the authentic tunisian symphony(dazzling tunisian arms !).
And this is the full program : (as pasted from selmen’s mail in french, music don’t have a language of a race)
W.A Mozart
Plaisanterie musicale
Concerto grosso en mineur OP3 N°11
ahmed yadh labbene
rafik ben Othman
hosni naghmouchi
Suite “capriol” pour orch à cordes
La priere du torero
La fete
Tableau populaire pour violon, kanoun, et orchestre
Solistes :
Ali dridi
Khalil chkir
[Tuni Symphonic Concerto Gallery]
[Tuni Symphonic Concerto Slideshow]


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