kalebeul is syndicating my RSS

I have been blazed why I’ve seen this for the first time while browsing Referrals of my visitors, there’s no problem to get my RSS feed; No it makes me extremly happy to see that some peapole are intersted in my modest blog, but the question that Have jailed my mind into a cube of question is who and why ? So have you got some answers for that enigma ?
Update : The Enigma is no more !
Thanks to Karim for the link-back. I tried to get in touch with him, but couldn’t find a mail address, and the comment form says I’m banned. Reasons why I syndicated his feed: A lot of Spanish manufacturing, particularly textiles, has been outsourced to North Africa, yet we still know next to nothing about what’s going on there. I like his blog because it deals with the kind of stuff we don’t see when Iberian and Maghrebi politicians give press conferences – for example, no one else picked up on the tornado story. I only wish I could also find some good Algerian and Moroccan blogs.
Check your self the track back to see the full story. And I would like to Thank kalebeul for his testimonial. thank you very much yo there !
[Take a look here !]


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