This land is not for sale !

We are used to make banner in wich we invite you to buy a home, land or a car, but the reverse text is such a joke, here the owner of the land have written in arabic “This land is note for sale”, the are a planty of explnataions for that: avoiding escrocery, a new sold land, avoinding curiosity, …
And you what do you think ?
N.B: this photo was taken from ariana.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. briseis says:

    c’est koi ce truc?
    pas a vendre et il met son tel ..
    putain y a des malades partout lol

  2. imed says:

    karim stp le nom et le numero de tel sur le mur j’en ai besoin : ca tombe bien je NE veux pas acheter de terre moi non plus

  3. dasdous says:

    It’s fany but not stupid.

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