Kelibia Tornado : The second coming

klibia kélibia kelibia Tornado tournade mousehunter
Lately in the evenning a friend of mine from Kelibia (Klibia, Kélibia is also true) have told me that an other tornado (tournade in french) have been there, it missed the town this time to take its way peacfully in the sea, and that’s really gracefull !
Photos and more details are coming in the way, you can still get back and read my old entries about the tornado :

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  1. hajer says:

    The photos of some places of our beautiful towns that you taked are so wonderful, go on to take more photos, you are really an artist.

  2. Karim says:

    This is not my own photo, it’s of a freind of mine

  3. Yassine Enissay says:

    Salut Mon ami Chlaf,
    Tu fais tjs la différence et tu es toujours au coeur de l’événement. La photo EST belle, Elle parait comme une affiche d’un film documentaire.
    Ben J’attends le reste des photos…

  4. Sifou says:

    Thnaks a bunch for sharing those pictures with us.
    My friends at Kelibia have told me over the phone about the tornado, but I didn’t take it seriously (they’re drunk most of the time lol), so thanks again for what you’ve done.

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