An other day in paradise : Bizerte day 2

The job that we’ve started yesterday in our local office in Bizerte was planned to take 2 days, and that’s why I’m back again in Bizerte, the post below shows some of the facts about that beautiful town, the other facts are here :

The old harbor managed for small size boats is encapsulated with the medina: the heart of the old town, and we can see that some homes are built right in the four sides of the water trap as a little kind of tunisian venice.

The bridge marks the entry of the commercial harbor where giant ships rests waiting for the shippement ot the harbor daily rise, wich is planned at 6 o’clock by moring and at 15 at evenning for a short period of 30 mintues to let ships got in or off the harbor.

At the exit of the town, an other larger harbor for bigger boats, where we’ve met with this fisherman and his unlucky fish freshly kidnapped from the blue water jungle.

Oh, an other Mouse Hunter from bizerte standing in the old harbor cafe, nothing to do with rats, only fish rules here !
There are a variety of things about bizerte that I’ve missed up, but the photos from bizerte should give me grace and make you happy looking for a better view of that town.
[Bizerte Day 2 Gallery]
[Bizerte Day 2 Slideshow]


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  1. etta says:

    Le lien ne marche pas ……

  2. Karim says:

    Thanks etta, now the link works fine 😉

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