Back from Bizerte II

Today, the sun was shining a long the 45 kilometers that stands between Tunis and bizerte, the easte-northern town to the country, the city is divided in fact into two part by the power of the bridge, that takes ships -through a canal- to the new modern harbor, while the old one is still in activity.

Bizerte is one of the most beautiful coastal towns of Tunisia, with kilometers of scenec beachs alonf the mideterrian sea, along the coast the the road takes to other scenic payasage, until the nadhour village and the moutainious forest that stands as a natural gap of the town.

This ship will never sail, it’s just a restaurent that offers sea food, the creativity is one of the most friends of bizertians.

The local press “Al kannal” is also very interesant, and even it is a monthly it reports the major facts of the life of the adored town, with a lot of caricatures, I’ll give you more details later in arabic about the contents of that newspaper.

In fact I love very much Bizerte and I wish if I could stay there forever, despite a single miserable day.
[Bizerte Gallery]
[Bizerte Slideshow]


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Soly says:

    Moi je trouve ca interessant, car ce sont des regions de la republique que je ne connais pas, donc c’est l’occasion d’avoir une idée sur les villes tunisiennes!

  2. imed says:

    keske t’en dis des bizertines ya Kebdi ???

  3. Karim says:

    Hey there don’t be wasted and redisocver Tunisia with me !

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