Americain Cemeteries in Tunisia

I have already been talking about about the history of the US army in Tunisia in the second world war II, when allies were fighting german forces in north africa, but it seems that those dead were ripped here in Tunisia where they died, the ones I’ve know are 3, all in the way between Beja an Tunis.
It happen that we can find some americain esting in peace in Tunisia, but the beauty of the cemetry, and the great care that it got, have largely blazed me, I have never seen such rips, with cutten grass, flowers ,…
One conclusion is to retain is that americains are everywhere as alive as dead.
[Beja US cemitry Gallery]


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  1. Karim2k says:

    Thanks Imed, I’m gonna coreect that ! great remarks !

  2. Imed Chihi says:

    The sign says “1939 – 1945” to indicate the start and the end of the war, it’s not the birth and death dates of someone.
    There’s another one in Manouba on the Beja road (GP) a few kilometers out of Tunis and a third in Oued Ezzargua.
    Most importantly, these are _not_ US war cemeteries. These are Commonwealth War Cemeteries, that is there are people buried from different nations buried there.
    The one in Carthage is a US War cemetery, but not those.
    PS: The R.I.P. sign on some graves means “rest in peace”.

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