The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


midtown tunisia, where “the passage” metro station divids the citty into numbers, the majestic hotel, an old french style hotel stands in the corner while you drive to the Avenue, this is was the perefect decor for a better relax, I hate monday and so are my friends so we’ve been complices in assination of the stratup day of the week with some fun and many mnay geen bottles.
This is not an offical “Dink Party”, it’s just somthing like, but never worth that honor, it’s a kind of cut off with the stress, an action against the pain that sett
led in our souls centries ago with no promise to leave… relax.
[Majestic drinking Gallery]
[Majestic drinking Slideshow]

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  1. x says:

    Hi, sorry for beeing Of Topic, but I was looking for some information about Tunisia and OSS. Is it true that the Presdient appointet a new Tehcnology and Open Source minister? Would appriciate if you could point me at anything relevant in Egnlish/Fernch ro German.

  2. inchallah la prochaine photo rabbi yehdik, et en place de publier votre someil montal sur le net tu publira votre levé spirituel.
    essayer de photographier le parcour de vos ancètre, et tu ne manque pas des traces sur tout sur ton visage. n’est ce pas (regarde ton nez)

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