Saving Water Seminar Report

As previously mentionned below, I have been in Hammet last friday in the “Les Colmobes” Hotel to give a talk about blogging for beginners, the show was introduced as a part of the “Saving water” Seminar that makes part of the local EuroMed activities.
My show lasts 2 hours in front of a dozen of peapole, It were all based upon blogger engine as it’s the simpliest ever, it offers few steps to get to the great blogsphere as usesfull to the beginner as for advanced bloggers. There is nothing to notice about the show else how hard it was to intriduce blogging paradise for peapole that think that Internet is the only webmail they know or just the few keywords that used to type in Google.
The Hotel situed at some kilometers between Hammamet and Nabeul in the Mrezka touristic merotropole was cool, almost empty as the season is outraged out there were the sea is practicing it’s wave hadshake with the beach in front, even with so scenic nature, the weather was about to stay inside.
We’ve drinkend, danced , singed and all the whole stupid things that you do as you feel your self served and have nothing to care about, At 3 moring I have got a heavy dispute with the managing core wich details belongs to the moral and the dignity, So after having accomplished my mission I decide to leave at 4 I was getting in the van, to arriving Tunis at 6, gone to bad at 7 … And that’s all folks.
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  1. zizou says:

    yo, seriously, was it a saving water seminar or a “how to kiss workshop” or “we had never kissed before, let’s do it right now randomely”
    It’s funny how some are really happy to kiss….

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