SIB 2004 : What’s Inside ?

At 11:45 O’clock I got to the Red car with my collegues Anis and Ramzi, the road to the SIB (Salon International de l’informatique et du Bureatique : International Fair of Computing) some kind of Tunisian Cebit or Comdex, and as every year we’ve been not so much blazed, technically there were no innovation the souk system was on place : resellers show their merchandise, prices were certainly discounted, but this year not as we werer hoping.
The MP3 players were at the rendez-vous, in addition to the avalanche to USD drives that have rised by hundreds, such jewelery is very cheap, for example some 256 MB USB drives costs less that 60 TND (about 50 $).
About Mac, there were -like yearily- only one resller with machines that seems exposed for the show never for sale, as their prices were out of take, you must take attention tat major fair’s cleints are ordinary peapole and tiny resellers cming to invest in somthing cheap or to have more choice in one place.
The fair is divised into two chunks, one for the little comagnies, the other for big resellers, the right side of the moon (little reseller) is suffocating so much peaple are more attracted with little gadgets, mouses, mp3 players, pcs, … and like evrytime CDRs and DVDRs, the price were as ouside the fair 0,400 TND, and 1.5 TND for DVDR, nothing special about media.
As summary the 2004 SIB is not so successfull as awaited, it’s just a shopping that offers more choice and maybe less prices, o if you are willing to visit the SIB to musn’t be very optimistic about prices, getting contacts from resellers should be the only gain. Anyway that’s a real technology exhibition and You must get there !
[SIB 2004 Gallery]
[SIB 2004 SlideShow]


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  1. Karim says:

    Wow sounds really cool, I haven’t found any digital cam, I was very unset to see that the only cams were just good for nothing !

  2. unforgiven_mind says:

    what did the poor English language do to you to repay it with such curelty and malice! it is amazing how you can string numerous words together and yet somehow fail to communicate anything meaningful!
    i wonder how someone like houssein hosts such ridiculous filthy blog

  3. adel says:

    alleuuuuuuuuuuuuu alleualleu alleuuuuuuuuuuu; Kaaaaaaarim! Kaaaaaaariim!

  4. karim2k says:

    Ther’s no doubt about my corrupt english and that’s why Ihave set up my own blog in english as a commitemnet and reseachfor a better english, and a bout communication it seems that many readers appreciate what I write even with a painfull sentenses.

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